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*PRE ORDER* 1:64 Ozwheels Twin Set R2 Hauling Kids and Ripping Skids

*PRE ORDER* 1:64 Ozwheels Twin Set R2 Hauling Kids and Ripping Skids

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*** PRE ORDER *** (DUE END OF JULY 2024)



Explore the thrill of the open road with the 1:64 Ozwheels Twin Set, featuring the iconic 4-door HQ Holdens in a captivating dual pack. Perfectly scaled for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this set includes two distinct models: the HQ Kingswood "Kid Hauler" and 'Blown Skid King".

Each model faithfully replicates the timeless design of the HQ Holden, capturing its sleek lines and vintage charm in meticulous detail. Whether you're drawn to the nostalgic appeal of the Kingswood kid hauler with its classic elegance or the dynamic presence of the blown skid king, both are crafted to impress.

Ideal for display or play, these diecast models boast precision-engineered construction and authentic paint finishes. Every aspect of these vehicles showcases the craftsmanship and dedication synonymous with Ozwheels.

Add a touch of automotive history and Australian motoring heritage to your collection with the 1:64 Ozwheels Twin Set. Perfectly combining nostalgia with craftsmanship, these HQ Holdens are sure to delight collectors of all ages with their timeless appeal and impeccable design.

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