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1:64 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Koenig Specials Bordeaux

1:64 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Koenig Specials Bordeaux

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Experience the epitome of automotive luxury and performance with the Tarmac Works 1:64 scale diecast model of the Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Koenig Specials in Bordeaux.


  • Timeless Elegance: This diecast model captures the timeless design of the Mercedes-Benz SL 500, enhanced with the unique styling cues and performance upgrades characteristic of the Koenig Specials treatment.

  • Bordeaux Finish: Adorned in a captivating Bordeaux exterior, this model exudes sophistication and style, commanding attention with its rich and luxurious color palette.

  • Koenig Specials Customization: Infused with the distinctive Koenig Specials touch, this SL 500 boasts bespoke modifications and enhancements that elevate its performance and aesthetic appeal to new heights.

  • Precision Detailing: From the intricately crafted bodywork to the finely detailed interior, every aspect of this diecast model has been meticulously reproduced to ensure authenticity and accuracy.

Why Choose Tarmac Works:

Whether you're a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast or a collector of rare and exotic automobiles, the Tarmac Works 1:64 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Koenig Specials in Bordeaux diecast model is a must-have addition to your collection. Celebrate the luxury and performance of the SL 500 with this exceptional and finely crafted replica.

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