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1:18 Datsun Bluebird (510) Wagon - Red/White

1:18 Datsun Bluebird (510) Wagon - Red/White

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Immerse yourself in automotive nostalgia with the collaboration between Ignition and Tarmac Works, presenting the meticulously crafted 1:18 scale replica of the iconic Datsun Bluebird (510) Wagon. This exquisite model pays homage to a bygone era of motoring, capturing the essence of classic design and engineering prowess.


  • Authentically replicated Red/White color scheme reminiscent of the original Datsun Bluebird
  • Intricate detailing, from the emblematic front grille to the sleek curves of the body, meticulously crafted by Ignition x Tarmac Works
  • Precision-engineered to 1:18 scale for remarkable accuracy and realism
  • Constructed with high-quality materials ensuring durability and authenticity
  • Ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, and aficionados of vintage automobiles
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